Diving the wreck of the USS Vandenberg

Many thanks to the Subtropic dive team

Diving the wrecks of the Austrian lake Attersee

Diving the shipwrecks and some aircraft wrecks of the Kwajalein Atoll and Roi Namur

Many thanks to Hideo Milne

Diving the 'Iron Bottom Sound' of Guadalcanal

Many thanks to Neil Yates and the team of Tulagi Dive

Diving the B17 Black Jack Bomber

Diving the SS President Coolidge & The Million Dollar Point

Many thanks to the team of Aquamarine Santo


on Diving the Shakem, Victoria & the Bianca C

onDiving the Blue Hole (Depth 40m)

Diving the German submarine U-853

adDiving the wrecks of Truk again

Diving the Rock Islands and the Chandelier Caves


Diving with the manatees again

Diving the MV Kudhimaa at max depth at 30m (100 ft)

Diving the nuclear fleet of the Bikini Atoll, Max depth 52m (172 ft)  


In cage below surface (bottom depth 17m (51 ft)

Great White Sharks near Dyer Island  

Diving the Mitsubishi Bi-Plane in 30m

Diving the Kyokuzan Maru in 25-45m depth


Diving the great white sharks with Rodney Fox


Diving with the manatees


Last update Thorsten Repp 09/2011

Erlensee, Germany




......to be continued